Workplace Health

Evidence shows that work is beneficial to health and wellbeing, and it can give individuals a stronger sense of self-esteem, purpose and identity1.

Typically, the average adult spends around a third of their waking hours at work, giving employers an ideal opportunity to promote a healthy working culture. And with Covid-19 possibly changing the working environment for many, for ever, the requirement of employers to invest in the health and wellbeing of their employees has never been greater.

Employees who are in good health are less likely to take time off work and are, on average, three times more productive than those in poor health2.

1. Local Government Association. Health, work and health related worklessness,2016

2. Business in the Community. Musculoskeletal Health Toolkit for Employers,2018

“Good worker health contributes to high productivity and successful enterprises which supports economic prosperity, and the social wellbeing and wealth of communities”

World Health Organisation: Healthy Workplace Framework and Model, 2009

Empowering employee wellbeing

The Priority Platform supports the health and wellbeing of your employees through a range of personalised, nationally accredited lifestyle assessments, with individualised pathways for each user.

Each person is different, and we never follow a ‘one size fits all’ approach – Our platform seamlessly integrates with a range of targeted self-care and behaviour change apps, tools and resources, giving your employees the right type of care when they need it most.

Available to access 24/7, the customised platform provides real-time tracking alongside detailed outcome reporting, and is developed to align with your organisational goals and HR processes.

Get in touch to see how we can help your business play a key role in employee empowerment and wellbeing – all while increasing productivity through detailed, real-time insight and measurement.  

Priority Platform for Employee Wellbeing

Customised for every employer to reflect the needs of your workforce, however large or small


Key Features

Help your employees manage their wellbeing and increase attendance and productivity

Multiple referral pathways into community and NHS services

Employee and company health benchmarking

Fully customisable to meet the needs of your work force


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